Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones probably couldn’t care less about why your financial institution values its credit card portfolio at $43.5 billion.

But the “tell me why” question is routinely posed to financial institutions by potential investors, auditors, and even customers when they ask about your financial calculations and asset valuations.

And you better have a good answer.

Explaining Explainability

Back in the good ‘ole days, explainability was easier.

Why did the Bank of This Here Wild West Town value its assets at $10,000? Because they counted up the cash that local cowpokes had deposited with them… and there was…

With a product information management system, you can regulate the Herculean task of managing seemingly endless data points across multiple channels.

Today, a well-designed marketplace architecture is the key to a thriving platform. Yet, most merchants struggle with managing product data.

Consumers want consistent, rich product information. If your information doesn’t meet their standards, they won’t buy your goods.

Furthermore, your team, retailers and other distribution stakeholders need the most up-to-date information possible. This data is vital for enabling your organization to sell better.

It can prove challenging — if not impossible — to keep up with these demands. However…

Automated Data Lineage in 2021
Automated Data Lineage in 2021

As 2021 is now upon us (finally!), businesses are gearing up their strategy based on learnings from the past year. While insights help inform future plans, such as where to place budget and effort, there is one essential tool that each company should have at their disposal. If you’ve read the title, this shouldn’t come to you as such a surprise. We’re speaking about automated data lineage. With the ability to fully understand how data flows from one place to another, data lineage allows business processes to become more efficient and focused.

Data Lineage is Like Oil

In the webinar titled, “The Essential Guide to…

Automated Metadata Management to Secure PII in Banking
Automated Metadata Management to Secure PII in Banking

“I’m going off the grid to spend the rest of my life as captain of a small fishing boat in the South Pacific,” one of your bank’s long-standing clients tells you. “Delete all the data you have on me in your systems.”

Would you be ready to say, “Aye-aye, cap’n!”?

Getting Personal

As a bank, clients deposit not only their money with you, but also plenty of personally identifiable information (PII). Clients’ PII need to be treated with as much care as any financial asset, for the following reasons:

Reason #1: Trust

Banks are not shady auto dealerships. Your success as a financial institution…

Cloud Computing Training
Cloud Computing Training

Regardless of size or industry, modern businesses rely on computing resources to fuel their daily operations. Not all organizations benefit from maintaining their own servers locally, so they look to cloud computing, a method of delivering computing resources, applications, and services over the Internet.

They will also seek professionals with technical education in cloud technologies, which is where the demand for cloud computing courses comes into play. This specialized training ensures that businesses take full advantage of cloud systems, implement them efficiently, and avoid any security issues during use.

The most popular computing providers on the market include Amazon Web…

What Is Channel Partner Sales
What Is Channel Partner Sales

A channel partner is a company that sells the products and services of another manufacturer or vendor. In the technology industry, the subject of channel sales is often hardware and software, such as cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solutions.

A partner indirectly sells on behalf of a vendor company but otherwise functions independently. Both parties benefit from the arrangement, as the vendor can outsource its marketing tasks while the partner often receives a portion of the sales and gets the opportunity to build its own network.

Types of Channel Partner Strategies

Different organizations find their own ways to implement channel sales effectively. …

Both the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act (CPRA) are California-specific regulations that restrict how a company manages and stores consumer data. While the California Attorney General began CCPA enforcement only recently (July 1, 2020), the CPRA is hot on its heels — and promises to make further modifications to an ever-changing data management landscape.

The Differences Between CCPA and CPRA Regulations

The CPRA builds on existing CCPA data protection regulations. The CCPA went into effect on January 1st, 2020 , creating new rules for how businesses could handle California residents’ data, including:

  • The right to know about what personal…

Have you ever tried to find a needle in a hackstack? Whether literally or figuratively, this is a frustrating and extremely daunting task. For BI teams, locating the root cause of a reporting error feels exactly like that. There are times when a BI team must scramble to map lineage across several BI systems to understand what transformations the data made on its way into a report. This can take business intelligence professionals anywhere from days, weeks, to even months depending on how large and complex their BI landscape is.

It’s a common story for many, but what if it…

Startups and SMEs have a known ability to be super flexible, always changing and rolling with the punches. One day the founder may be working out of their parents’ living room, a week later, they’re hiring the whole top floor of a skyscraper, while two months later, the company may be going under. As a small business owner or an entrepreneur, you may have to wear many hats as well. You’ll be acting as the accountant, a programmer, sometimes you’ll be the assistant and other times you’ll become the hiring manager — everything to save money and make sure things…

This full list for 2015 of New York Sales & Marketing recruiters and employment agencies is maintained regularly, the list is for job seekers and companies in NYC.

As HR person or job seeker you should use all the resources available for you to help you find an employee or a job. Please see below a list of some Sales & Marketing recruiters in the New York area:

Kelly & Company — New York, NY — Retained executive search firm with expertise in the identification, recruitment, selection, and retention of senior talent.

680 Partners LLC — New York, NY — Boutique Executive Search/Consulting firm that specializes in the placement of Senior level technology executives, with an emphasis on the private venture-funded market.

Sales Experts Executive Recruiters New York — New York, NY — Experts of sales recruitment.Working on a national level as sales recruiters, specializing only in sales positions.

Howard Sloan Koller Group — New York, NY — Retained executive search and consulting firm specializing in publishing, media…

Or Hillel

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